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  1. Could you please send me lot of Sinhala Jana kavi & Jana gee (specialy Jana Kavi) for my brother’s school project in his A/L. I have mentioned my Email address. please be kind enough to send me for his project in Advance Level.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Could you send me lot of Jana kavi (paru kavi,pel kavi,goyam kavi,nelum kavi,karaththa kavi,pathal kavi,dheevara kavi,pan kavi,….)for my doughter’s assignment.Please be kind enough to send me for her assignment.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am currently living in state of Qatar, student at Sri Lankan Doha Collage in grade 12th, My father teach me Sinhala Janakavi and Sinhala Sirith. I like and obe them, kindly send me all janakavi, Palkavi or other fam

  4. i need a information of janakawi for my son in gread 3,plz can you send me above email address

  5. Dear Sir,
    mata paaru kavi, karatta kavi, goyam kavi, nelum kavi, hama ekenma hathara gaane evanna please.
    Thank you Sir.
    Mage nama Meshaak

  6. Plz email me :

    රැකියාව අනුව ජන කවි
    නැලවිලි ගී
    වැදී ගී
    සටන් කවි
    කෙලි ගී
    ආදර ගී
    දුප්පත්කම ගැන කියවෙන ජන ගී
    ටීකා සී පද හා
    දඩයම් ගී

  7. I wont sinhala nelum kavi for my nangi.he is in grade6.plz send nelum kavi my e-mail address.

  8. I am searching for PAL Kavi also known as KARATHA Kavi. I studied these as a little boy and I would like to hear these again now that I am old.

  9. i want to this song only audio “තරිකිට දොං දොං අවුරුද්දයි”


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